Prices to Meet All Your eBook Needs:

Digital File - already edited and proofed: Formatted to Word.doc, epub and mobi/Kindle = $140.00 (Note:

all text including all front matter (copyright page, dedication, etc) and back matter (Author’s note, excerpt including cover image of the excerpt, list of titles and bio) must be included in the Word file that the author sends to us.)


Print book to scan: Scan/OCR to text, lightly cleaned of scanning errors and ready to edit = $50


Print book to scan: Scan, proof, format to doc, epub and mobi/Kindle = $120 plus $0.003/word for proofing


Raw scan: Just as it came off the scanner/OCR = $30


Note: if we are scanning your book, please remove the spine with a guillotine cutter and send to:


A Thirsty Mind

C/O Pam Headrick

961 N. Lubec Rd.

Lubec, Maine 04652.


Most Office Max, Staples or larger print shops have guillotine cutters for this purpose and the charges are minimal.


For all other services and pricing, please contact us at for an individual quote.


Featured Author: Min Edwards

Min lived in many countries in her life: England, the Philippines, Cuba, Texas (yes, Texas thinks of itself as a separate country), gathering experiences for her writing along the way. She earned Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees from Texas Tech University and The University of Texas at Austin in Anthropology/Archaeology with minors in Art, Geology, and Geography, but spent her early career as an Archaeological Illustrator of some renown.


Min's journey continues today in Downeast Maine, Pheasant Cove Farm, surrounded by woods and the sea. Every day she writes and dreams in the office of her 178 year old house, the sounds of creaking beams and wind whistling through the cracks her sound track. She published her first two novels, Stone Bay and Stone Cold, in 2014. She hopes to begin 2015 with more in the Stone Bay Series of Contemporary Romances.

You can follow Min and her books on her Amazon page Here or visit her website at